Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to replace a sewer line?

The average cost to repair a sewer main is $2,556. You could spend anywhere between $1,073 and $4,054, depending on the kind of damage. Full sewer line replacement ranges from $3,000 to $25,000. https://savannahsewerrepair.com/faq/

Is sewer line replacement covered by homeowners insurance?

But don't despair: Some standard homeowners insurance covers the cost of tearing out and replacing the damaged sewer line. The kicker is in the "damage." ... But if the root clogs the line and there's no damage, you have to pay to fix it because there's no actual...

Who is responsible for it?

Sewers and lateral drains connected to the public network used to be the responsibility of the property owner. However, most are now maintained by local water companies. If you have any problems with your sewer or lateral drain, for example if it's blocked, contact...

Is sewage backup an emergency?

Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. View Blog page here.

How many years does a sewer line last?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe was designed to last for long periods of time, typically over 100 years. After 1980 this pipe replaced the old version of clay pipes as the “go to” piping for sewer lines. However, both types of piping will eventually wear out....

How much does it cost to replace sewer line from house to street?

Replacing an average sewer line from the house to where it connects to the public sewer system typically costs $3,000-$6,000. However, if the project is complex and/or if the connection to the public system is in the middle of the street it can cost $7,000-$25,000 or...

How much does it cost to unclog a main sewer line?

Snaking, or rodding, is usually the least expensive route, running only $100 to $250 or about the cost of a service call. Fixing main line clogs can run twice as much. Hydro jetting clears more debris than a snake but increases the price to $350 to $600....

Is city responsible for sewer backup?

For example, a lateral sewer line (one that runs from the sewer main to the home) is generally the responsibility of the homeowner. ... A homeowner's insurance policy might or might not cover sewer backup damage to your home that is caused by the errant roots breaking...

What part of the sewer line is the city responsible for?

Basically, the city is responsible for sewer lines starting at the main underground sewer pipe. That line carries waste and wastewater to your municipality's treatment plant or other locations. The sewer main usually sits beyond the boundaries of your property. View...

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