The sewer line to a home is a large pipe that is responsible for carrying wastewater to the local water-treatment facility so that it can be cleaned and filtered. In some rural communities, however, your sewer line may connect to an underground septic tank instead. Because sewer lines are generally tucked away in places where they aren’t visible, they often get ignored. But this can cause some serious problems.

Sewer Backups

If the sewer line gets clogged up, the waste will not be able to drain out of it properly. So each time that a person tries to shower or flush the toilet, the wastewater will flow back into the house. As you can imagine, this can create an awful and disastrous mess.

Home Damage

Broken sewer lines leak wastewater that can damage the concrete foundation and any nearby wooden beams that support the home’s weight. If any of them are concealed behind bathroom or kitchen walls or positioned above a ceiling, then they can crumble the plaster and tiles too.

Pest Problems

The excess moisture that is caused by a cracked sewer line often attracts unwanted pests to the area, such as cockroaches and rats. This is problematic because the pests can often travel all the way from the opening to a sewer line break to the toilet and other drains inside the home, which can lead to an infestation.

Yard Sewage

The worst-case scenario for a sewer line problem that has been ignored is that the line can completely break apart. Whenever this happens, all of the waste that was trapped inside it will flow into and potentially flood your yard.

Ignoring a broken or clogged sewer line can lead to expensive home repairs from all the damage that it can cause inside and outside of the home. It can also contribute to a serious pest problem. If you’re worried about an old sewage pipe or potential problems, be sure to contact our team right away to have your sewer line inspected and/or repaired by one of our trained experts.